You're so ready for endless 2

You’ve spent countless hours on your AH-MAZING lead magnet, webinar or training, set-up your auto-responder and email sequence, and now you’re ready to unleash it to the WORLD! 

You’re ready to create waves and make a major impact in the lives of many.

You want…
 Hundreds or thousands of new subscribers on your list.  

✔ Raving fans.  

✔ Sold out products and/or services.  

✔ To impact the lives of many.

✔ And of course, create MAD income.

It’s all available to you. It is possible. It WILL happen.  Do you know how?

Facebook Ads

(aka your new best friend!)

HERE’S THE DEALIO >>> Facebook ads are a GAME CHANGER and they can be the pivotal turning point in your business.

It’s the difference between getting 1-2 clients per month accidentally or getting consistent leads and sales on auto-pilot.

I’m talking impacting the lives of thousands, not just a handful. Along with making BANK at the same time!

But don’t be fooled – Facebook ads can be super tricky.

Now don’t start freaking out!  (Breathe in… Breathe out…)

You see, it’s more than just putting up the ad (wouldn’t that be nice!). It’s a montage of various tasks that need to beautifully align and work together so that you get BIG results (aka – killer conversions and sales).

You’ve got the ad themselves, plus data analysis, optimization, landing pages, pixel tracking codes, target audience research, and more! 

That’s why you have me in your back pocket.


 Creative + Copy – Create images & copy that convert, hooks your ideal clients, has them scrambling to opt-in, and follow’s Facebook advertising guidelines.

 A/B Split-Testing – Split-test images, copy, audiences, placements, and more – and understand the data so you know what’s working and what’s not working.

✔ Audience & Targeting – In-depth target audience research, best campaigns to use, ideal daily ad budget, placements, optimization best practices, and more.

 Landing Page – Create a beautifully designed landing page that converts and aligns with ad and offer so you aren’t losing prospects on the final leg.

✔ 3T’s (Test, Track, & Tweak) – Run split-testing, analyze data, and tweak/optimize for maximum results and ROI.

Jessica is absolutely brilliant when it comes to online marketing and growing your audience with great leads and prospective clients.  My list has been growing by 1,000 a month since I hired Jessica to create a strong Facebook strategy for me, which has led to over $25k in sales in the last couple weeks alone. Now knowing how easy it can be to grow my audience and connect with potential clients, I just wish I’d hired Jess sooner!

Jessica Caver Lindholm - Freedom & Success Coach




  • ✔ 15 Minute Strategy Call
  • ✔ Includes ONE campaign
  • ✔ Create Facebook Ads Campaign, Ad Sets, and Ads
  • ✔ Creation of Images & Copy
  • ✔ Review of landing page with feedback/recommendations
  • ✔ A/B test images, copy, and target audiences
  • ✔ On-boarding packet with in-depth targeting questionnaire
  • ✔ Tracking pixel codes provided and assistance with implementation
  • ✔ Manage & optimize for up to 30 days
  • ✔ Final progress report
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Launch Mode

  • ✔ 30 Minute Launch & Ad Strategy Call
  • ✔ Specific to Live and Evergreen launches/funnels
  • ✔ Customized Facebook ad launch schedule
  • ✔ Create Facebook Ads Campaign, Ad Sets, and Ads
  • ✔ Creation of Images & Copy
  • ✔ Review of landing page with feedback/recommendations
  • ✔ A/B test images, copy, and target audiences
  • ✔ On-boarding packet with in-depth targeting questionnaire
  • ✔ Tracking pixel codes provided and assistance with implementation
  • ✔ Manage & optimize for entire launch period or 8 weeks, whichever occurs first
  • ✔ Final progress report
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You need Jessica in your business if you want more money and more peace. Hiring her was one of the best decisions for my business, for my productivity and for my results because I trusted her immensely and she delivered amazing results. She’s someone you can blindly trust and you honestly don’t have to worry about a thing because she truly cares and treats every project as her own. I cannot recommend her enough.

My first launch with Jess has grown my list by hundreds and one week into it has already generated over $10k in income and ended with over $40k in revenue.

Maru Iabichela - Prosperity & Business Coach