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I’m a momma to two kiddos – Oliver age 6 & Sophia age 4 –  and I married my high school sweetheart (well, he was 20 & I was 16, but that’s a whole other story).  When I’m not cooking dinner, checking homework, or giving baths, I love to read (with a Starbucks Vanilla Latte, Extra Hot, No Foam), hang out with family, and travel to wherever my heart desires.
I’ve spent the past few years learning everything I could about online marketing; reading blogs, listening to podcasts, reading books, taking courses.  I’ve created multiple niche sites, taught myself WordPress (yes, I built and designed this site), and practice all of the marketing strategies that I preach.  I’ve built a brand & business that I’m proud of.  My goal is to help women who strive to quit their day job or who are struggling with their business or who are just working so hard they don’t have time for fun anymore…to live the life they are meant to.